Ficus Recommends: The Larry Sanders Show Complete Series

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Ficus Recommends...

So, I guess maybe once a week I will discuss something I have been watching on DVD or blu-ray or betamax which I recommend….and maybe 1 thing I say to stay away from…

I bought the Complete Series on DVD on Amazon for $99. Great bargain.

It isn’t really a show which makes you laugh out loud, but is rather a more nuanced self-critique of fame and the notion of celebrity. Gary Shandling stars as Larry Sanders a self-obsessed, neurotic, late-night talk show host. Jeffrey Tambor stars as ‘Hey Now’ Hank Kingsly, his sidekick (both on and he wishes off air). Read more possibly true info here:

Anyway, this post is more about the extras the DVD set comes with…

This ficus was both startled and enthralled (a lot like Sunil getting a boner watching Survivor on In Treatment). The dvd features a series of ‘personal visits’ where Gary Shandling meets up  guest stars which appeared on his show. He essentially goes to their houses and has natural conversations with them; Jerry Seinfeld, Sharon Stone, Alec Baldwin etc.

The first thing I was struck by was how old Shandling looked…balding and a little unwell…alot like me except for the old and balding part.

It was certainly strange though, there Shandling was eating breakfast with The Basic Instinct discussing his commitment issues…or with Linda Doucett, who appeared for 3 seasons on the show, a women who apparently sued him for sexual harassment, discussing how “I wanted a baby but he gave me a job”.

It was painfully authentic…though the kind of painfully authentic a ficus can live with…like being crushed by a pair of natural breasts.

The more I watched the more I came to the conclusion that the LSS may very well have been a self-portrait for Shandling…which I guess isn’t all that surprising.

Anyway, it was highly compelling viewing which is why Ficus Recommends: The Larry Sanders Show Complete Series on DVD.

Until next time, Keep Watching Your Screens

Mr Ficus.


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