Greetings from Mr Ficus

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the Misanthropic Ficus’s blog. I wanted to give you my full name- slightly misanthropic ficus…or the misanthropic slightly ficus but the wise people at wordpress dictated that this would lead to the end of the world….Then again, in a world where reality television rules the airwaves and the most popular scripted shows are those like Grey’s Anatomy, has the world not already ended?

Yes, this is one ficus that uses an abundance of elipses…for my thoughts drip out…like a defective penis.

Anyway, If anybody chooses or is forced to read this as some sort of very enlightened form of torture, I should let you know that I may never post again.

If I do I will probably drip out some thoughts on those gems which currently occupy 50-70% of my thoughts.

These shows include Community, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Friday Night Lights, In Treatment and the 15 or so other shows that I watch.

Until next time, Keep watching your screens.

Mr Ficus.


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