The Best Show You’re Not Watching: Misfits

Posted: November 26, 2010 in The best show you're not watching

As I prepare to watch this week’s installment (S02E03) I thought I would make this quick recommendation. Watch Misfits. It mixes genre better than most shows; supernatural/drama/comedy.

Based on a simple premise ( a storm gives a a rag-tag bunch of late-teens special powers) the show has blossomed into a very enthralling and original look on youth and young adults. Each power a character received reveals something about who they perceive themselves to be or wish to be; invisibility, the ability to turn back time, the ability to read-minds.

And if that sounds too dark and existential never fear. The humour is rich, especially emanating from this Ficus’s favourite character: Nathan, who though crass, is undeniably a comedy genius.

More interesting than Skins, more deliberate than Heroes, Misfits is the best show you’re not watching.

Recommended for: Ages 15 + and people who like…good television

Keep watching Your Screens.

-Ficus Out

  1. p90x says:

    Nathan’s one liner’s are always on point lol! The show is really good and they act the way you would expect real life young people to react to getting their abilities. They don’t do anything special too much but they have an adventure every episode.

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