When a Good Show Goes Bad: The case-study of Dexter…

Posted: November 26, 2010 in When a Good show goes Bad



I am a big fan of Dexter. That is, Dexter Morgan. That is, the main character on Showtime’s hit series ‘Dexter’. He is a fascinating character depicted by the wonderfully talented and multifaceted Michael C Hall.

From season 1 where we learn about his bloody past to season 3 and season 4 where he meets his match…then kills his match…and then the alien from 3rd rock from the sun kills his wife…it has been a great ride. The tension builds as the season progresses, as Dexter gets ever closer to his final kill. We know he will prevail, albeit sometimes with collateral damage…one example stands out like a dead wife in a bath-tub…

Season 5 has been (to this point) a let-down.

There are 10 things….well 3 things….I hate about this season.

1. Eli Stone is the major antagonist. I mean…doesn’t Dexter know this bloke has a brain tumour? Doesn’t he know that George Michael keeps showing up and serenading this poor dude? Wouldn’t that drive us all to be a bit of a deranged deviant? Seriously though, when compared to the characters portrayed by Smits and Lithgow…Johnny Lee-Miller is a light-weight.

2. The story is very slow. I get it. The writers are going for the ‘slow burn’ this season. However, the show has too often been sidetracked. This week’s episode concerning an abusive step-father is just one example.

3. The B-story/Minor characters are mundane. This criticism is, in this ficus’s opinion, what stops Dexter from being a classic show. Do we care about Laguerta and Angels’s marriage? Do we care about Deb’s….Deb? MCH should be on screen 99% of the time.

The good news is the season is not finished. The writers can still salvage the season by tying the loose ends together quickly and stop being sidetracked.


Well the season has now ended. Dexter Prevailed. Stiles left. It was a very disappointing season.


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