Ficus Recommends: Spaced

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Ficus Recommends...

OK. I have to admit: I was a doubter of the brilliance of the short-lived British “sit-com” Spaced, starring the now well known Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes. However, after re-watching the first season in a solitary day I am a believer…without a trace…of doubt in my mind…etc etc.

Perhaps I’m a more astute viewer now. Perhaps, I’m a sophisticated, more well rounded viewer.

Probably not.

Spaced revolves around two twenty-something ‘lay-abouts’ and roomies Tim and Daisy whose lives are as equally dull as they are prone to surreal episodes of pop-culture inspired twists and turns. There is, of course, unrequited romance between the two. Bryan, the post-modernist painter down stairs, Marsha the land-lady, Mike- Tim’s best friend (it all happened…) and weapons expert, Twist daisy’s best friend (she’s in fashion) round out the very strong ensemble case.

Spaced is a rollicking good time. The gags fly faster and funnier than any conventional sitcom could ever dream of. What is most impressive, perhaps most appealing to this ficus, is the breadth and usage of the pop cultural references.



Running gags are also used to great effect to reward the cognisant viewer.

It both seeks to destroy, lampoon, parody and yet at the some-time rescue and expand the sit-com genre. It is, to put it in words non-ficus would understand- The arrested Development of the UK….unadulterated.

That is why Ficus Recommends: Spaced.

Until next time

Keep Watching Your Screens

Your Loyal Ficus


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