Best of 2010

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Best of...

It’s time for that dreaded cultural institution we like to call the ‘Best of <insert year here>’. Is it really time for that?…

No, give me 5 days and I’ll ponder, pontificate and procrastinate over this list. I shall not eat, I shall not sleep…I SHALL TASTE MAN FLESH!!!…Sorry too much Lord of the Rings. The extended trilogy in the space of 24 hours will do that to a man. Blogging of which Ficus Highly Recommends the Lord of the Rings: Extended Trilogy. If only those basterds would release it on blu-ray…nothing excites this ficus like hairy hobbit feat in stunning 1080p. It’s like you could reach out and comb them.

Back to the list. It will actually be composed of several categories:

1. The Best Shows of 2010 (Traditional but important)

2. The Best New Shows of 2010

3. The Worst Shows of 2010

4. The ‘Give me Back My Baby List’: The Brilliant but Cancelled Shows of 2010

5. The Jumped the Shark Shows of 2010

Watch this Space…and

Keep Watching Your Screens.


  1. SillyStringTheory says:

    Best New TV Blog of 2010? I know who my money’s on… My cold hard, paper money printed on the corpses of a thousand mashed ficusses.

  2. xplore4life says:

    The best of 2010, I appreciate your proposal but we are preparing for best of 2011. So, write a post about best of 2011.

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