Dark Days of Summer/Winter Television…

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

With the coming of Winter/Summer the TV schedule really does turn to gloob (?). We are forced to say goodbye to our favourites like Community, Fringe and The Big Bang Theory. So what’s left? You can always spend quality time with la tua famiglia. But before you decide to take that risk, rejoice for there are a few worthwhile gems left to keep this ficus afloat.

Kudos to TNT for keeping quiet performer ‘Men of a Certain Age’ airing during the festive season. I have a feeling I might enjoy this show more if I were 30 years older, thrice-divorced and a father of 2…but it is quality television nonetheless. It’s a show very much grounded in reality, with the everyday trials of 3 middle-aged men on display. The performances by the three leads (Romano, Bakula and Braugher) really do lift the rather dull material. There is no melodrama here friends. In fact there is very little drama. However, the actors really do make you feel for the characters.

Plus, the theme song is a classic:



Peep Show is nearing the end of it’s 7th season. The consistency and genuine hilarity of this oft-forgotten show is something American network execs can only dream of…so is the content they are allowed to air…thanks PTC. The chemistry between Mitchell and Webb is dynamic. Yet what I think what really sustains the show is that deep down, the two characters really do care deeply about each other. They are the modern day odd couple. Here’s to 7 more seasons!

Hmmmm…well that pretty much it. Or is it?

Yes, that is it. I eagerly await the middle of January for my friends Abed, Walter and Sheldon to return to my life.

Until then, praise DVDs.

Keep watching Your Screens

-Ficus Out


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