Why Make a Ficus Cry?: The Most Disappointing Shows of 2010

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Why Make a Ficus Cry?
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Remember, these aren’t the worst shows of the year as I tend not to watch bad television. These are the shows that either promised big and delivered a deuce, or have proven themselves in the past and this year have come up holding their schrum.

I begin the daily countdown with Number 5…

5. True Blood

I’m going to do bad things to you. Like put you 5th on my list. True Blood is starting to impress me less and less. There seemed to be fewer meaningful and heartfelt scenes than last season. Instead we saw a lot of blood, gore and spine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….But I can’t help but feel the show has become somewhat of a parody…of itself. The sultryness and sexyness have enveloped the story, which seemed stuck for most of last season. Some of the character development, like that involving Sam were a little disappointing also. More importantly, does Tara annoy anyone else? I nearly dropped my seed when watching her.

WARNING: Children, the squeemish or those who value the integrity of the human skeleton should not watch this clip

Keep Watching Your Screens

A truly Misanthropic Ficus


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