The Most Disappointing Shows of 2010: The Countdown Continues…

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Why Make a Ficus Cry?
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4. The Office

Ah, Where Everybody Knows Your Name. I mean that’s what she said. The Office has been on the slide for a season or two. It was inevitable once Pam-Jim became ‘Pim’ or is that ‘Jam’… the writers would be devoid of a central driving force to guide the show. This season saw Steve Carell begin his fairwell tour through the fields of uninspired writing. Why not end it? Well, it’s American television and as Shaq says “The great thing about America is you can always come back next year” (If your ratings are good). And The Office’s ratings are good. Real good. So what if the writers just try to recreate the Pam-Jim will they/won’t they with lesser characters. So what if after 100 episodes, there’s not much left to laugh at, not much left to happen. So What? I’ll tell you what: It makes a Ficus cry. And You’re on the list. Take that NBC. Get out of my nook. And that my friends…

Keep Watching Your Screens

– Inconsolable Ficus


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