The End of the Hiatus…of the Ficus

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have returned from my trip to the US of A. What did I learn from this trip regarding television?

1. 700 channels does not mean there is anything better on than Everybody Loves Raymond repeats

2.  Best Buy and Target are excellent sources of cheap new release blu-rays and dvds; Archer season 1- $22. Social Network (BD) $16, Inception (BD), $14

3. Dodgy looking small dvd shops with booths at the back for certain unmentionable activities are an even more excellent source for cheap blu-rays; The Wrestler (BD), 21 Grams (BD)- $9, Debbie Does Dallas- $3 (Huh?)

4. Lights Out (FX) is ‘Lights Out’.

5. Skins (US) is like Skins (UK). Except for the fact that it is nigh unwatchable. Same story, characters as the original yet all inferior.

4. When a strange guy on a Subway platform asks if you know what he means…you vigorously nod your head in the affirmative (Not strictly concerning TV but useful nonetheless)

5. A Beautiful Mind isn’t as captivating the second-time.

6. There was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK that went beyong Oswald.

7. Ricky Gervais is a God. I already knew this but his performance at the Golden Globes proved what big cajones he possesses.


Thanks for the patience. I now hope to resume regular blog-ramming.

Keep Watching Your Screens

A sleepy Ficus

  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    Hello Friend Ficus.
    How envious I am of your experience in a new country. Life at the bottom of the ocean tends to be a tad dreary.
    1. The over-saturation of their TV services does seem a bit extreme. Plus there is too much advertising on a service that requires a monthly subscription fee. Long live the internet.

    3. I suggest we hold a critical screening of this “Debbie Does Dallas”. I would one day like to do Dallas.

    4. “Lights Out” like a baseball bat to the (human) scrotum? Or “Lights Out” as in I didn’t see that coming, yet it tickles my absorbent underbelly?

    5. I was surprised at how bad Skins (US) was. How can it be so uninteresting when it copied verbatim the highly enthralling UK original? I imagine a universe where there is no UK Skins, and US Skins still manages to get my goat. And not in a good way.

    4 again (The Fican method for numbering still baffles me). They do offer bankable ideas though – The “World” World series of baseball will be mankind’s greatest achievement. I have seen it and thus it is so. All hail Sponge.

    7. His cajones apparently took a beating during his “notable” absence at the globes, leaving him “visibly shaken” – according to a “reputable” news/gossip site. Humans seem to be developing an impeccable ability to infer facts not available to us mere beings who inhabit the 6th dimension. And I was there when that stubborn peanut caused the big bang.

    Keep watching your orifices.

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