Dan-Blair Watch: Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 12

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Dan-Blair Watch
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OMG! It’s happening! It’s really happening! By that I mean the unholy union of Dan and Blair is in the works. See my previous post for why this is a positive move by the writers. Last night’s episode confirmed my belief that Dan and Blair must have more air-time together. Serena continues to be  her incredibly self-obsessed, directionless self. Dan summed it up best when he said she continues to have opportunities which normal people just wouldn’t have. It seems Serena may have finally stood lonely boy up one too many times. This opened the door for two lonely souls, Blair (the dictator of taste) and Dan to becoming at least good friends. Not only is this great fun for the viewers, as their interactions are truly dynamic, yet it is also a positive for the characters. Dan is good for Blair. He, unlike Chuck, doesn’t play games. He is straight-forward and honest. Meanwhile, Blair is, for all her superficiality, is at least if not more of an intellect than Dan. Unlike Serena or even Vanessa, Blair challenges Dan.

So here is my prediction this week in Dan-Blair Watch:

Dan and Blair will continue to secretly spend time together. In an episode or two, Blair will realise she has feelings for Lonely Boy. She’ll make a move. Will he reciprocate?….

XOXO Ficus

  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    Sponge admires your foresight. Although I feel Gossip Girl has largely been wallowing in the whole Dan-Serena-Nate back and forth, will she won’t she dilemma – which seems to constitute the basis for seasons 1 through 4. With a bit of Vanessa thrown in for good measure.
    I guess once the writers inevitably drive the Dan-Blair dynamic into the ground after teetering on the precipice of a seemingly perfect relationship, they only have one option left…

    There. Sponge just blew your mind. Watch for it in season 5.

  2. Or Dan-Little J, Rupert-Nate, Nate’s Dad-Blair, Blair-Little J…

    • Omniscient Sponge says:

      “Dan-Little J”.
      Might I inform you, Mr. Ficus, that although incestuous breeding may be completely acceptable in our respective species’ societies, the humans may find it slightly disturbing.
      However I can see how going from Dan-Serena to Dan-Little J is logical… One “Step” (sister) the difference.

      The others… I’m not too quick to dismiss them quite frankly.

      • Sister, mother, brother…It’s all the same in the dark. I actually predict that it will be revealed in the next 34-36 episodes that Little J is actually a descendant of ‘ET’…so there won’t be any incest issues.

  3. Dan-Nate…
    thoughts: no.

    The show already has a token gay character. Typically there can only be one main core player- even if Eric is kept on the periphery. Buffy, Skins s1-2, and Fraser all understood this. Although i have never really watched “F” but from what i have seen, well, surely that Niles fellow was, wasn’t he? or was it Fraser? Maybe the dad. The dog? Or perhaps just the show itself.

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