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I had heard of these but I always thought they were more of a myth…like Communism or Jesus.

They’re webisodes featuring animated flashbacks into Dexter’s past.

From what I’ve seen so far they seem quite intriguing. They might at least help fill the void of a Dexter-free TV schedule for a while.




I don’t ask for much from Skins. If they give me some character evolution and a few laughs, I sleep like a log…or a Ficus. Like on Pokemon when Charmander evolved too quickly and then Ash couldn’t control Charizard. I slept for 34 hours after that episode. Good times. Funny too.

Fire Pokemon aside, I think it is no coincidence that the two best episodes of this nascent generation have been the episodes where we have actually seen character growth.

First we had Rich’s episode. Nick’s episode was perhaps even better. More transformation. More emotion.

We really didn’t know who Nick was before this week’s episode.  He appeared like the cliché’ popular guy; bit of an ass, kind of mentally deficient and sexually proficient. Hmm….rhymes.

Well, not true. (Not about the sexual proficiency. I wouldn’t know…clumsy though)

It was just his skin. No big surprise really. But it was a skin that wasn’t easy to maintain. He had to try so hard to maintain a rather buoyant, upbeat and happy facade that when it broke down it was like a system failure. System failure!  System failure means riveting television.

He started the episode as rugby star, subservient to the general dickheadery of his generally dickhead dad. By the end, he has told his hilariously South African coach to bleep off, got dumped by his quasi-fake girlfriend and told his father to stop being a bleep.

Whereas Frankie just continued to have awful hair. Mini continued to pretend she was like so totally awesome and Liv was like so un-defined I couldn’t tell if she was in italics or not…or bold.

So why do the girls’ episodes pale in comparison?  The girls are fairly static. They may internally recognise their problems but so far they don’t seem to do much about it.

Why is this? Misogyny by the writers? Misogyny by the Ficus? I think not. I am female after all….well I think I am, the sex of ficus is rather ambiguous…like Frankie. (Oh no he/she di’nt!). Seriously though, she annoys me. Are the writers trying to make her the sexually ambiguous compass of this gen.? She appears out of nowhere. Says some stuff and then wanders off…back to Neverland. She did the same in Mini’s episode. Maybe she’s like the gatekeeper to the secrets of the gang? She’s at least the gatekeeper to hell.

On Mini though, it was to see her finally drop the pretense and flip Nick’s ass to the curb…Though I’m not really sure she did.

Next up. Allo. Aloe-vera? Hallo? Whatever his name. The ranga one.

It’s a male episode so it’s going to be great.

Until next time

Here’s hoping Frankie does something with her fracking horrible hair



…paintball war that is.

Although it was their best episode to date, I’m really surprised to read that the Community series finale will take place during another school-wide paintball war.

For a show that prides itself on never using the same premise more than once, it seems rather contradictory to replicate an episode.

Source: TV Line

There was no progression in their relationship this episode. Sure, Blair admitted she ‘needed Dan’, but it really didn’t appear to have any deeper meaning. They watched a film together, this time actually together…but I really didn’t feel any spark, Dan could have very well been a wells-spoken Labrador.

This episode convinced me, more than any other, that the Blan’ romance may not in fact emerge from our favourite duo. It seems like the relationship has hit its highpoint, a friendship built upon the prospect of solitude forged in the fire of Mout doom…I mean  from the ashes of of lost soulmates.

It’s a momentary reprieve for viewers from what appears to be the inevitable reconnection of the now stale Blair-Chuck and Dan-Serena combos.

In a way, I have found peace with this. A friendship between the two seems far more sustainable, in terms of the show’s future, than what could only be a fleeting romance….Or could it be?

Until next time



Just when I think I‘m out…they pull me back in!

Good Morning upper-east siders, brooklynians, citizens of the world.

I was truly captivated by this episode. The Dan-Blair duo re-emerged from the abyss of episode 14 to feature heavily in this rather wonderful Valentine’s episode.

What better way for our favourite couple which isn’t a couple to become a couple then on the most romantic day of the year?

Well, it wasn’t to be and in the end  and I’m glad. If they do end up together the emotional pay-off is going to be even greater. Sure, the love (?) is now only in its infancy…But it is ALIVE!…(?)

First a brief recap of events.

Blair discovers Chuck has real feelings for Rena. Dan is there. He comforts her. He touches her hand. She pulls her hand away. They watch Rosemary’s Baby together (via phone).

It was very touching to see Dan’s affection for Blair following her realisation that Chuck may have feelings for someone else. The feelings are evidently mutual. Blair did something un-Blair like in submitting Dan’s article. The scene in which they bonded over Rosemary’s Baby was quite poignant in its portrayal of two lonely figures, growing closer…ever closer.

I think there are two ways this could go down. I see a scenario in which Serena’s words about Blair’s ‘Secret Valentine’ come to fruition. The writers are doing their best to really build their relationship in a nuanced and totally Un-Gossip Girl like manner. On the other hand, the narration at the end of the episode about Dan and Blair finding solace together as two lonely figures may belie the fact this is merely a transitional relationship. Serena and Chuck are busy so they become friends.

Whatever the case, their on-screen chemistry is undeniable. It’s awesome. Yippee!

Until next time

XOXO Ficus

Eh…I’ll watch because Dr Carter is one of my top 5 characters of all time.


My owners have seen fit to move me over to this location

The third season begins on March 28.

Part Battlestar-Gallactica. Part Lost. Partly compelling.

It’s 2040.

Humans flee Earth following an apocalyptic war. They reach ‘Carpathia’ (new caprica), a planet named after the ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic. For Earth hit a metaphorical iceberg, see? And was rescued by a metaphorical ship, see?

They wanted to create a place where humans can co-exist and live in peace. They end up building a shitty little fort, too scared to leave for fear of their lungs being exposed to some fresh air…or worse.

Spoilers Ahead….


Far from being a utopia, a virus swept Carpathia killing the children. The President of the ‘colony’ decided the clones had to go. Oh yeah there is clones. They’re pretty pissed off. The military were meant to kill the clones, but let them go. They’re not a big fan of ‘El Presidente’.

Although many ships left earth, few made it to Carpathia. A rescue-pod from one such ship reaches Carpathia. On it…Gaius Baltar. Well, a Baltar-like figure; scientist, prophet, philanderer, all-round jerk. He appears more deliberate and intentionally malicious than Gaius.

So, it seems Gaius 2.0 and the clones might have some business together. It could get nasty.

After watching two episodes of Outcasts I am assuredly slightly-engaged. Yes, it may seem highly derivative of recent popular sci-fi shows, but it’s (just) unique enough to make it interesting. The main story, surprisingly, progresses at a rapid rate. Classic themes of friendship, power and survival interweave a morally complex universe. The characters are solid enough without a break-out.

It’s quite an ambitious story, one worth sticking with until it sticks you…in the back…with a shiv.


Keep Watching Your Screens

A Freaky Friday Ficus

Rating: 3 leaves

Sorry to paraphrase Terrell Owens, but April excites me…really excites me. No, not April from Parks and Recreation, but even her, the epitomy of the apathy of today’s human would be slightly enthused by this upcoming slate of shows.

It all starts on the 1st of April when Camelot premieres on Starz. Now, don’t let the fact that it’s ‘Starz’ discourage you. I mean, I ‘m discouraged but that’s only because it seems every show they produce is underwhelming. Party Down anyone? Crash? Never watched it. I didn’t need to as its mediocrity preceded itself. This show, however, promises to be the best historical-fantasy-drama to ever hit the small screen.  It surrounds the Death of King Uther (?), the accession of King Arthur, Merlin and some other crazy shit. Think the Tudors. On acid. With food poisoning. Rubbed with True Blood. I hope. Check out the trailer below:

Two days later we get a double shot of capa-frappa-awesomeness starting with ‘The Borgias’ on Showtime. This is being billed, mainly by me, as the natural successor to the Tudors. Whereas Camelot is anything but natural.  The Borgias is historical fiction (aka real names, completely made up story) based (pseudo-history) on the Spanish Borgia Dynasty. Jeremy Irons stars as Rodrigo Borgia, who I’m guessing is the ‘big ‘formaggio’. I can imagine it now. “I have something to tell you…I KILLED MUFASA!”. We all cried though, right?

The crowning joy of the 3rd is The Killing on AMC, the American adaptation of the critically acclaimed Danish crime serial The Killing…well they didn’t call it that but I don’t speak Dansk. ..Jeg er meget ked af.

The basic premise centres around the murder of a girl and the consequent police hunt for the killer. It doesn’t sound like ground-breaking television but there is something very sinister simmering below the surface on this show…(I hope). AMC has a proven track record of excellence with Breaking bad and Mad Men. Rubicon and the Walking Dead put some pot holes on that track. Well, Rubicon merely left a skid mark. The Walking Dead put 1 million zombie horses on that track…like the horses from The Lord of the Rings with the bloody hooves carrying the wraiths.

On April 17th we see the premiere of HBO’s medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones. This show is based on George R. R. Martin’s best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire. It is meant to be very close to the source material…so it sucks for any readers of the books. It’s essentially about powerful families battling for power of the throne of ‘Westeros’. Makes sense with the title and all.

Capping off the month that will now be known as ‘The Month Fit for a Ficus’, the second season of Treme begins on HBO on the 24th. For those unacquainted, treme is set in post-Katrina New Orleans and follows the city and its denizens as they attempt to reconstruct their city and their lives. All while eating shrimp po’ boy thrice daily. Mmmmm…shrimp po’ boy.

Keep Watching Your Screens

A Forward Looking Ficus


I don’t like to discourage people from watching a show based on 5-10 minutes of evidence. But in the case of the Chicago Code I’ll make an exception.

Perhaps, it’s just me but from the opening narration to the time I clicked my remote I was cringing. Yuck!

I mean, lets start with the narration. For some reason the directors thought it necessary that the actors shout. It’s really not a good idea to have the two leads yelling at viewers. It makes them appear like caricatures.

They are what they are I guess. The woman who played the super-intendent was so wooden and rigid. I mean, I’m sure that’s who the character is…but who wants to watch her? Then we have ‘Mr Don’t Swear in Front of Me’. I was very disappointed by what I saw of him given what a talented actor Jason Clarke has proved to be. He portrayed a very complicated character in Showtime’s Brotherhood.

The police chase scene was by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on a police procedural.

I couldn’t even enjoy the presence of ‘Luke Cafferty’. He’s still in HS for god’s sake.

OK. That’s enough ranting. I could understand people liking this show. There is a hook. There will be some wild chase scenes and shootouts.

Maybe it got better after 10 minutes.

But for anyone that has seen Homicide: Life on the Street, you will find the Chicago Code blasphemy.

But I may be wrong…I will watch the rest of the episode if you, loyal readers, instruct me to…(Please don’t)

Ficus Out