Dan-Blair Watch: Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 13

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Dan-Blair Watch
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This week’s episode provided some more juicy scenes featuring our favourite tandem. Tonight was an interesting episode for the two. From the moment they met early in the piece and failed to disclose the location of their internships it was fairly obvious where the episode was heading. But maybe I’m just a sucker because I found it a fun ride nonetheless. They both had the same internship, fought and in the end who prevailed? I think the viewer prevailed. Blair showed a glimpse of humanity and loyalty, Dan revealed his inner ‘Waldorf’ and in the end the Dan-Blair friendship remained intact. Am I still convinced that their friendship is heading towards a romance to rival Buffy and Angel, Seth and Summer or John Locke and the Island? No, but to be honest I have been and always will be satisfied with more Meester-Badgley ‘isolation’ scenes’, if you will.

Saying that I was a little disappointed that they didn’t kiss when they were fighting on the floor…perfect moment in my opinion.

Anywho, without further a do here is my prediction this week:

The relationship will continue to simmer…and then sizzle. I expect Dan to perform another valiant and self-sacrificing deed in coming weeks which may lead to…

XOXO Ficus

  1. […] On that rather vile note I’ll end this review. Next week we have Mini’s episode. I’m sure we’ll discover there’s more to her than the crazy cutthroat bitch we have seen so far. Or there will at least be an explanation behind her exterior self. Perhaps she did what the librarian told Rich she’d rather do…ewwww…oops this isn’t Dan-Blair Watch. […]

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