Ficus News: Weekly Round-Up

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Ficus News

February 4th

  • The Bitch is Back! Bitch in a good way…like ‘Stoopid’. Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell will return to the small screen in the upcoming Showtime series ‘House of Lies’ as colleague/boyfriend of main character Don Cheadle. The show revolves around the Management Consultant industry…sounds fascinating.

Source: La Times, The Celebrity Cafe

  • Speaking of stars who like to keep teasing their fans about films that may never be made…Deadwood star Ian McShane has teased fans about a Deadwood film which will probably never be made. As he says “You never Know”. Just like we never knew about the Arrested Development film. Thanks Ian.

Source: Cinema Blend

  • As  I previously posted, Aaron Sorkin has a greenlight for his new HBO show set behind the scenes of a fictional news channel. Sports Night. The West Wing. Studio 60. Sorkin certainly enjoys lifting the curtain so much so I doubt he’d be allowed in a Broadway theatre…High Five! It marks the first time Sorkin will have a show on Premium Cable…All I’ve got to say is lock away your children.

Source: AVClub

  • Another sassy blonde returns to TV, as Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar joins the cast of CBS’s thriller series Ringer. Apparently she wanted to do a Cable show but was tempted by this tale of two sisters and their search redemption/revenge…She plays both sisters. Cool.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Full Story here


I’m sure there is more news but it doesn’t interest me.

Thankyou and Goodnight.

An Observant Ficus.


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