Ficus Suggests: Maker-Met

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Not strictly a televisual related post, but somewhat pertinent nonetheless. Blog contributor  ‘Omniscient Sponge’ has his own infrequently updated blog in which he details his latest exploits. Good times are to be had over at Maker: Met.


  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    Much appreciated plug, oh great Fican Titan. Your considerable userbase will do well to read my ill-informed, directionless outlet to the ramblings of this timeless Sponge.
    Infrequently updated, too frequently outdated.

  2. I have been called many things in my short life; Misanthropic Ficus, Cynical Ficus, Hateful Ficus and Fat Ficus. I’ve had entities threaten to burn me, urinate on me and deflower me. Never has anyone called me the ‘Fican Titan’….How dare you!

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