Ficus Recommends: Episodes (SHO)

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Ficus Recommends...
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I must admit I didn’t intend to ever watch ‘Episodes’. Indeed, I was vehemently or even violently opposed to even the theoretical notion of considering watching ‘Episodes’. Yes, it is true. I, loyal readers, am not a Matt Leblanc fan. However, today whilst performing my daily perusal of the internet I was alerted to a headline on It went something like this: ‘Episodes may be Showtime’s greatest comedy ever’.  Weeds. United States of Tara. Episodes?

So I legally acquired the premiere and second episode.

I don’t want to give too much about the plot away except the basic premise. A successful British husband-wife writing team are persuaded to go to LA to create an American version of their hit TV show. To their dismay, Matt Leblanc will play the lead.

Leblanc plays a (highly?) fictionalised version of himself. I have to admit he is damn funny. It’s always fun to watch an actor not afraid to poke fun at himself, even when he is really mocking the perception of himself as a low-brow, one character actor.

However what’s even more refreshing about this show is that it’s really a satire of the Hollywood culture and the ‘bullshit’ world of American television.

More importantly though the show is hilarious. Not hilarious in a ‘cheeky smile’ kind of way, but in that it will actually make you laugh.

This is one ficus that can’t wait to watch more.

Keep Watching Your Screens

Ficus aka the Fican Titan


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