Why Make a Ficus Cry? Why I Gave Up on Watching the ‘Chicago Code’ After 10 minutes…

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Why Make a Ficus Cry?
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I don’t like to discourage people from watching a show based on 5-10 minutes of evidence. But in the case of the Chicago Code I’ll make an exception.

Perhaps, it’s just me but from the opening narration to the time I clicked my remote I was cringing. Yuck!

I mean, lets start with the narration. For some reason the directors thought it necessary that the actors shout. It’s really not a good idea to have the two leads yelling at viewers. It makes them appear like caricatures.

They are what they are I guess. The woman who played the super-intendent was so wooden and rigid. I mean, I’m sure that’s who the character is…but who wants to watch her? Then we have ‘Mr Don’t Swear in Front of Me’. I was very disappointed by what I saw of him given what a talented actor Jason Clarke has proved to be. He portrayed a very complicated character in Showtime’s Brotherhood.

The police chase scene was by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on a police procedural.

I couldn’t even enjoy the presence of ‘Luke Cafferty’. He’s still in HS for god’s sake.

OK. That’s enough ranting. I could understand people liking this show. There is a hook. There will be some wild chase scenes and shootouts.

Maybe it got better after 10 minutes.

But for anyone that has seen Homicide: Life on the Street, you will find the Chicago Code blasphemy.

But I may be wrong…I will watch the rest of the episode if you, loyal readers, instruct me to…(Please don’t)

Ficus Out


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