Ficus Reviews: Outcasts (BBC)

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Part Battlestar-Gallactica. Part Lost. Partly compelling.

It’s 2040.

Humans flee Earth following an apocalyptic war. They reach ‘Carpathia’ (new caprica), a planet named after the ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic. For Earth hit a metaphorical iceberg, see? And was rescued by a metaphorical ship, see?

They wanted to create a place where humans can co-exist and live in peace. They end up building a shitty little fort, too scared to leave for fear of their lungs being exposed to some fresh air…or worse.

Spoilers Ahead….


Far from being a utopia, a virus swept Carpathia killing the children. The President of the ‘colony’ decided the clones had to go. Oh yeah there is clones. They’re pretty pissed off. The military were meant to kill the clones, but let them go. They’re not a big fan of ‘El Presidente’.

Although many ships left earth, few made it to Carpathia. A rescue-pod from one such ship reaches Carpathia. On it…Gaius Baltar. Well, a Baltar-like figure; scientist, prophet, philanderer, all-round jerk. He appears more deliberate and intentionally malicious than Gaius.

So, it seems Gaius 2.0 and the clones might have some business together. It could get nasty.

After watching two episodes of Outcasts I am assuredly slightly-engaged. Yes, it may seem highly derivative of recent popular sci-fi shows, but it’s (just) unique enough to make it interesting. The main story, surprisingly, progresses at a rapid rate. Classic themes of friendship, power and survival interweave a morally complex universe. The characters are solid enough without a break-out.

It’s quite an ambitious story, one worth sticking with until it sticks you…in the back…with a shiv.


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A Freaky Friday Ficus

Rating: 3 leaves


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