Dan-Blair Watch: Gossip Girl S04E16

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Dan-Blair Watch
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There was no progression in their relationship this episode. Sure, Blair admitted she ‘needed Dan’, but it really didn’t appear to have any deeper meaning. They watched a film together, this time actually together…but I really didn’t feel any spark, Dan could have very well been a wells-spoken Labrador.

This episode convinced me, more than any other, that the Blan’ romance may not in fact emerge from our favourite duo. It seems like the relationship has hit its highpoint, a friendship built upon the prospect of solitude forged in the fire of Mout doom…I mean  from the ashes of of lost soulmates.

It’s a momentary reprieve for viewers from what appears to be the inevitable reconnection of the now stale Blair-Chuck and Dan-Serena combos.

In a way, I have found peace with this. A friendship between the two seems far more sustainable, in terms of the show’s future, than what could only be a fleeting romance….Or could it be?

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