Ficus News: Greendale heading back to War…

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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…paintball war that is.

Although it was their best episode to date, I’m really surprised to read that the Community series finale will take place during another school-wide paintball war.

For a show that prides itself on never using the same premise more than once, it seems rather contradictory to replicate an episode.

Source: TV Line

  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    Interesting move…

    Not as interesting as the Annie fan-war that follows the TV Line article in the comments section.

    To be quite honest, I don’t see the big attraction in Annie, the character of Annie, Alison Brie, and (by extension) Brita. People are (rightly) complaining of the prospect of another Annie-centric episode, when she should really be taking a narrative back-seat like Brita. No-body likes Brita, and she knows it, respects it, and politely keeps out of the spotlight.
    Maybe I’m just too much of a Troy/Abed/Evil Pierce/Chang fan…
    Give us more Chang!

    or at the very least, let Annie’s Boobs take over Annie’s role for an episode or two…

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