Ficus Reviews: Skins Series 5 Episode 5 (S05E05)

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Ficus Reviews
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I don’t ask for much from Skins. If they give me some character evolution and a few laughs, I sleep like a log…or a Ficus. Like on Pokemon when Charmander evolved too quickly and then Ash couldn’t control Charizard. I slept for 34 hours after that episode. Good times. Funny too.

Fire Pokemon aside, I think it is no coincidence that the two best episodes of this nascent generation have been the episodes where we have actually seen character growth.

First we had Rich’s episode. Nick’s episode was perhaps even better. More transformation. More emotion.

We really didn’t know who Nick was before this week’s episode.  He appeared like the cliché’ popular guy; bit of an ass, kind of mentally deficient and sexually proficient. Hmm….rhymes.

Well, not true. (Not about the sexual proficiency. I wouldn’t know…clumsy though)

It was just his skin. No big surprise really. But it was a skin that wasn’t easy to maintain. He had to try so hard to maintain a rather buoyant, upbeat and happy facade that when it broke down it was like a system failure. System failure!  System failure means riveting television.

He started the episode as rugby star, subservient to the general dickheadery of his generally dickhead dad. By the end, he has told his hilariously South African coach to bleep off, got dumped by his quasi-fake girlfriend and told his father to stop being a bleep.

Whereas Frankie just continued to have awful hair. Mini continued to pretend she was like so totally awesome and Liv was like so un-defined I couldn’t tell if she was in italics or not…or bold.

So why do the girls’ episodes pale in comparison?  The girls are fairly static. They may internally recognise their problems but so far they don’t seem to do much about it.

Why is this? Misogyny by the writers? Misogyny by the Ficus? I think not. I am female after all….well I think I am, the sex of ficus is rather ambiguous…like Frankie. (Oh no he/she di’nt!). Seriously though, she annoys me. Are the writers trying to make her the sexually ambiguous compass of this gen.? She appears out of nowhere. Says some stuff and then wanders off…back to Neverland. She did the same in Mini’s episode. Maybe she’s like the gatekeeper to the secrets of the gang? She’s at least the gatekeeper to hell.

On Mini though, it was to see her finally drop the pretense and flip Nick’s ass to the curb…Though I’m not really sure she did.

Next up. Allo. Aloe-vera? Hallo? Whatever his name. The ranga one.

It’s a male episode so it’s going to be great.

Until next time

Here’s hoping Frankie does something with her fracking horrible hair



  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    Excellent critique of a frankly (not Franky) excellent episode.
    To me, Nick was initially quite the Zuckerberg in that he was trying so hard to be an asshole. To see his struggle, meltdown and revelation made for a surprisingly intriguing episode; definitely a highlight of the season so far. This sponge was able to manifest some form of emotional response, and that is quite rare among the Porifera phylum.
    Franky is really exceptional at looking dumbfounded whilst looking dumb, with a haircut to match. I nominate her/him to be the token “unexpected death” of the season… so we can forget about her/his ambiguity and get on with our lives.

    FICUS is evolving!

    Congratulations! Your FICUS evolved into RIDER!



    SPONGE fainted!

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