The Maddening Mad Men Hiatus: When Avarice Meets Art

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is now certain that the much anticipated return of the 5th season of AMC’s Mad Men will not be until 2012 (at least). The reason: the almighty dollar. It appears that the network has greenlit the return of its critically adorned hit, but with some interesting conditions. The show’s creator will be forced to ‘cull’ two characters a season for the next 3 seasons. Hmmm…interesting. I don’t know about you but this seems a little ridiculous. It’s almost as if AMC is conveniently forgetting the role Mad Men played in the network’s rise to acclaim. The Network Execs are like “Screw them, we still have Breaking Bad, Rubicon and the Walking Dead”. If loyalty and a lust to produce quality programming isn’t sufficient, how about a reality check. Breaking Bad may be one of the greatest shows on TV, but TWD and Rubicon are fairly mediocre. TWD especially is less than captivating viewing.  ‘Crap’ I called it. A Mad Men-less AMC schedule certainly devalues the overall quality of the network.

However, if creator Matthew Wiener does agree to the gradual assassination of our beloved friends I have a solution for him: Lung cancer.

Who will be the first to die?

Keep Watching Your Screens

Misanthropic Ficus

Update: A deal has now been reached for the next 2 seasons, with the likelihood of a 3rd. The 5th season will premiere in March 2012. The episodes will be slightly shorter and feature more product placement.

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  1. Robin says:

    Frankly, out of sight out of mind. If it truly does come back in 2012, it better be damned good. As for eliminating characters, I thought they did enough of that when they all started the new firm. They dump characters left and right on that show,… Bobby Barret, Sal the closeted Art Director, the superficial fat creative guy with the black girlfriend (can’t remember his name), and even Peter Campbell’s role was shrinking last season, as was Betty Drapers.
    I miss Mona, too. And Roger’s flakey 2nd wife…. the sweet school teacher with the epileptic brother… all kind of story threads that they just completely drop….. it’s kind of annoying.
    I don’t see why the don’t figure out a way to move to HBO.

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