Dair Watch S04E18: I No Longer Dare to Dair

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Dan-Blair Watch
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Admittedly, a rather late recap given that the proceeding episode has already aired. But such is my feeling of malaise induced by the non-dairing writers of GG. It appears, ‘Dair Watch’ has lost it’s raison detre .

Does ‘Dair’ still exist? It would appear not, owing to Blair’s admission that the kiss was a mere reminder of her love for Chuck. On the other hand, it aroused in Dan feelings he would rather not canvass to the wider public. Yet, it takes two to tango right?

Did Dair ever exist? Or was it just a concept we engineered in our collective minds, desperate for Gossip Girl to avoid the failings of similar soap-dramas which become stale with the constant on-off romantic duos?

I believe there was certainly something. I never believed it was permanent, but it was a fun ride. It reinvigorated not only the story, but the characters and also resulted in some fine scenes between Meester and Badgley.

The impact on Blair is probably the most profound, at least in the short term. Dan seemed to help her uncover who she really was, beyond the shrill and skilled Machiavellian manipulator of the social scene.

But alas, the status quo is slowly returning, as the Chair freaks whip themslves into a lather over a truly despicable romantic concept, built on the worst aspects of human nature.

An Artist's impression of The Blair-Chuck Relationship

I guess this is what Alexis De Tocqueville meant by the ‘Tyranny of the Majority’. This, or something far more relevant.

Keep watching your screens

Misanthropic Ficus

PS. It was this.

  1. I agree with you. I thought Dan and Blair was just what the show needed. Something new, fresh and quite innocent compared to whatever the Chair fans crave.
    It would only make sense to have these two get together after 4 seasons (and now a fifth one) in which they started as complete enemies to friendship (and hopefully companionship). Gossip Girl throws characters together, it is known. But I feel Dan and Blair is different.
    For one, they didn’t make them have a sex scene for shock value (a la Vanessa/Chuck) and they didn’t even make them kiss (until season 4). They actually take time to develop the friendship rather than rush the storyline, which means that they are actually considering that these two characters deserve a proper development.
    Season 5 seems somehow promising. The Chair fans are just delusional. They are sticking to their idea of Chuck and Blair from season 1 and 2 which seriously changed to some twisted romance and abusive relationship. This can never be recovered from.
    Dan and Blair are the most sensible couple I can see in this show.

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