Dair Watch: Gossip Girl S04E19

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I debated whether to continue this series of observations on ‘Dair’. It’s relevance is seemingly waning.  It’s like having a column entitled ‘Osama Watch’ dedicated to tracking the bearded one’s every move. It’s difficult to ‘watch’ something which may or may not exist.

But where there is life there is hope…and where there is Gossip Girl, there is Serena being a hypocritical, annoying #$%^&.

Anyway, this episode saw the return of the French Prince, shoe in tow, clambering for a reconnection with Blair. Dan admitted to Charlie, another irritating member of the Rhodes clan, that he more or less has feelings for Blair.Blair and Dan kissed again, though this time as a disingenuous ploy the fool the foolish Prince’s porter. You’ve watched it, so you know what I mean.

It was interesting that we didn’t see the kiss, further adding credence to my belief that the romanticism simmering a few episodes ago has truly subsided (at least temporarily).

Charlie, the re-emergence of Vanessa and the Prince have also complicated the land of Dair-dom.

Will Dan pursue Blair, so obviously trying to conceal his true feelings? Will Blair forgo her ambitions to join the ranks of the hereditary elites and go get some Humphrey? Maybe.

I’m hoping for a grand romantic gesture on Dan’s behalf, possibly assisted by the possibly insane Charlie.

Or it all may just disappear, as quickly as it came and went. Like a candle in the wind.

Until next time

XOXO Ficus

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  1. Omniscient Sponge says:

    The past few episodes (or seasons) have only reinforced my feelings for Serena being the biggest, bugliest, bladdest, town-bicycling, hypocritical strumpet to ever grace Terrestrial TV screens.

    RIP Dair. and Chuck’s sanity….

  2. Chuck is as sane as Howard Hughes…show me the blue prints…show me the blue prints.

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