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In a truly devastating and heartbreaking development, it has been revealed that Robert Sheehan, aka Nathan from Misfits. will no longer be a part of Britain’s favourite gang of delinquents.

I find the rather muted response from media outlets and fans alike as rather treacherous. Sheehan was not only the humour so critical to the success of the show’s compelling 2 season run, but also the most enigmatic and talented performer amongst a strong cast.

I don’t blame the show’s producers, Sheehan wishes to expand his presence in film, where no doubt he sees a prosperous future.

We will get to see him grace the Misfits stage for an online webi-sode that will explain his departure.

Yet, from a fan of the show’s perspective, one has to wonder how Misfits can survive in the post-Nathan era. …

Never fear, Rudy will be there: Rudy can’t fail. Wait, who’s Rudy?

He’ll be a new super-charged character…

Just plonk a dufus named ‘Rudy’ in the void and all will be well.  He’ll turn a few tricks and the discontent amongst the causal johns will dissipate. The Ficus’ fury, on the other hand, will endure.

Worst case scenario is that the Rud-ster will be so highly derivative of Nathan that he’s like a cheap knock-off from Chinatown. Conversely, he’ll be a character named Rudy, slightly gimpish in his sincerity, scratching his nether-regions as he attempts to find a way into our hearts.

Either way, he aint no Nathan.

I wish Robert all the best; thanks for the laughs and the memories. To Rudy, as of now uncast, I say: You can’t fix a broken heart, no matter how big your tool, you super-charged fool.

A forlorn Misanthropic Ficus

Source: The Press Association

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Community, Parks and Recreation and the leader-less, rudder-less ‘The Office’ have all been renewed through 2011-2012. Community continues to be the most ambitious and intelligent comedy on television. Parks has continued to grow from it’s rather mediocre debut season, though one wonders about the overall direction of the show given that arcs to date have been rather insignificant.

The Office will be without Steve Carell. It’s fairly stale and humourless with him so it’s difficult to see if it can get any worse. I’m sure you’ll all tune in to find out. I know I will.


Keep Watching Your Screens

A Buoyant Ficus


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Eh…I’ll watch because Dr Carter is one of my top 5 characters of all time.


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The third season begins on March 28.

Did I hear ‘Smokey’ from Lost? It’s nice to know he got a new gig…

Ficus News: Weekly Round-Up

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Ficus News

February 4th

  • The Bitch is Back! Bitch in a good way…like ‘Stoopid’. Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell will return to the small screen in the upcoming Showtime series ‘House of Lies’ as colleague/boyfriend of main character Don Cheadle. The show revolves around the Management Consultant industry…sounds fascinating.

Source: La Times, The Celebrity Cafe

  • Speaking of stars who like to keep teasing their fans about films that may never be made…Deadwood star Ian McShane has teased fans about a Deadwood film which will probably never be made. As he says “You never Know”. Just like we never knew about the Arrested Development film. Thanks Ian.

Source: Cinema Blend

  • As  I previously posted, Aaron Sorkin has a greenlight for his new HBO show set behind the scenes of a fictional news channel. Sports Night. The West Wing. Studio 60. Sorkin certainly enjoys lifting the curtain so much so I doubt he’d be allowed in a Broadway theatre…High Five! It marks the first time Sorkin will have a show on Premium Cable…All I’ve got to say is lock away your children.

Source: AVClub

  • Another sassy blonde returns to TV, as Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar joins the cast of CBS’s thriller series Ringer. Apparently she wanted to do a Cable show but was tempted by this tale of two sisters and their search redemption/revenge…She plays both sisters. Cool.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Full Story here


I’m sure there is more news but it doesn’t interest me.

Thankyou and Goodnight.

An Observant Ficus.

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