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It’s always sad when we have to say farewell to those shows we hold dear. There is 1 episode remaining in the 5 season run of Friday Night Lights and  several plot-strands remaining unresolved. What better way to look forward to the end of a dynasty then play a bit of pigskin pick’em with a favourite team.

1. Will they stay or will they go now?

18 years. That’s how long Tami and Eric have been married. What’s in store for TV’s most stable couple?

Will they move to Philly where Tami has a career-defining opportunity or will they stay in Dillon as Coach Taylor chases High-School football immortality as coach of the Dillon Panthers?

I think Eric is too good a guy to put his own career in front of his wife’s. If we’ve learnt anything about Eric it is that he is devoted to Tami.

It’s Philly all the way.

2. Lions win state! Or do they?


The Lions will be Champions. I envisage a scenario where Eric has yet to decide whether he wants to the Panthers job before the game. When they win he’ll be estatic and he’ll realise he has nothing to left to accomplish in Dillon.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose!

3. Riggins?

Rapprochement with Billy. He might even sell his land to help Billy and Mindy.

I don’t really see Timmy and Tyra as a lasting thing. He’s so ‘Texas Forever’ and Tyra has always been afraid of being trapped in Dillon. Perhaps both Tyra and Riggins decide to leave Dillon and never return.

Alternatively, Riggins may build a time-machine and travel back in time  so he can relive his glory days as a Dillon Panther Full-back. Maybe he can even stop Jason Street’s injury from ever occurring…bad for Saracen…good for the team.

4. Luke’s duke?

Will he heed Tim’s advice and leave it all on the field at State? Remember that Riggins literally left his cleats on the field following the Panther’s loss at State at the end of season 3. Luke is an interesting cat. He has no real prospects outside of football and his prospects there are still pretty limited.

That being said my theory is that he plays so hard that a scout recognises his talents and makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

5. Matt and Julie 4ever?

This is where my powers of deduction begin to diminish.

Maybe over Christmas lunch they both reach for the same Turkey thigh and they’re like ‘that’s amore’.

6. Buddy?

Has a sex-change, works at the landing strip. Finally realises that he hasn’t fed Santiago in 3 years

7. Vince-Jess?


I wonder if Vince’s father will return.  He just seemed to disappear in a cloud of fury. I hope not. He frightens me.


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