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The scene on last week’s Community where the web of conspiracies and double-crosses (?) finally unraveled brought me back to this gem of a scene from the promised land of the modern sitcom era: Arrested Development.

George Bluth, Sr had, employed a one-armed man to teach his kids lessons; to leave a note etc. etc. The lesson was taught when somehow the man’s prosthetic arm went flying off to the shock off Michael/GOB/Buster/Lindsay. George would then say “That’s why…”

In this scene Michael and GOB intend to teach George Sr, to stop trying to pit them against each other. The scene it wonder4fully executed whereby the several double-crosses are revealed, each more ridiculously hilarious as the last….It’s truly a wonderful scene.

Season 3 episode 8: ‘Making a Stand’.
The scene begins from about the 18 minute mark.