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Today sees a dawn of a new series emanating from the brain that brought you ‘Dan-Blair Watch’ and ‘Ficus Recommends’. It’s a series I plan to add to every week; time, weather, strength and intestinal fortitude permitting. It will look out our favourite characters deemed by a panel of experts. Namely me. However, I do plan to consult with my ever burgeoning list of esteemed contributors…if they ever start contributing. Today I bring you Annie from Community.

Information gleaned from her 100% inaccurate wikipedia page:

Born: December 1990

Gender: Female

Religion: Judaism

Occupation: Student

Significant Others: Ficus (in dream-like world made of chocolate and Hermione Granger)

She is the girl next door. This more-american-than-apple pie sweetheart is a ficus-favourite over at NBC’s Community. Is it her sex appeal? No, my love of Annie extends past the superficial attraction to her unquestionable beauty and feminine charms. Perhaps it stems from the fact that her  character has depth beyond her looks. Unlike other attractive female characters on TV, she doesn’t rely on her sexuality. Indeed, at the beginning of the series she appears barely cognisant of her ability to do this. We know from her interactions with Troy that she was invisible at High School. Star QB Troy didn’t remember her despite sitting in front of her in class for years. It is also stated on several occasions that she suffered a nervous breakdown in High School. It is this vulnerability which shines through Alison Brie’s delicate portrayal of Annie. At Glendale, she finds found a group of friends which understand her. Yet, her vulnerability and naiveté leads  members of the group to treat her as if she was their daughter. In many ways this matches the experience of the audience. We want Annie’s innocence to be protected whilst at the same time find her so alluring in her innocence. We are Geoff Winger, so conflicted and torn that we don’t know whether we want to be her father or lover…or both.  As she continues to evolve with superb writing and the nuanced performance by the brilliant Alison Brie perhaps this dilemma will be resolved. In the meantime we’ll continue to love her.

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