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Thanks for the memories WP.

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I debated whether to continue this series of observations on ‘Dair’. It’s relevance is seemingly waning.  It’s like having a column entitled ‘Osama Watch’ dedicated to tracking the bearded one’s every move. It’s difficult to ‘watch’ something which may or may not exist.

But where there is life there is hope…and where there is Gossip Girl, there is Serena being a hypocritical, annoying #$%^&.

Anyway, this episode saw the return of the French Prince, shoe in tow, clambering for a reconnection with Blair. Dan admitted to Charlie, another irritating member of the Rhodes clan, that he more or less has feelings for Blair.Blair and Dan kissed again, though this time as a disingenuous ploy the fool the foolish Prince’s porter. You’ve watched it, so you know what I mean.

It was interesting that we didn’t see the kiss, further adding credence to my belief that the romanticism simmering a few episodes ago has truly subsided (at least temporarily).

Charlie, the re-emergence of Vanessa and the Prince have also complicated the land of Dair-dom.

Will Dan pursue Blair, so obviously trying to conceal his true feelings? Will Blair forgo her ambitions to join the ranks of the hereditary elites and go get some Humphrey? Maybe.

I’m hoping for a grand romantic gesture on Dan’s behalf, possibly assisted by the possibly insane Charlie.

Or it all may just disappear, as quickly as it came and went. Like a candle in the wind.

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It is now certain that the much anticipated return of the 5th season of AMC’s Mad Men will not be until 2012 (at least). The reason: the almighty dollar. It appears that the network has greenlit the return of its critically adorned hit, but with some interesting conditions. The show’s creator will be forced to ‘cull’ two characters a season for the next 3 seasons. Hmmm…interesting. I don’t know about you but this seems a little ridiculous. It’s almost as if AMC is conveniently forgetting the role Mad Men played in the network’s rise to acclaim. The Network Execs are like “Screw them, we still have Breaking Bad, Rubicon and the Walking Dead”. If loyalty and a lust to produce quality programming isn’t sufficient, how about a reality check. Breaking Bad may be one of the greatest shows on TV, but TWD and Rubicon are fairly mediocre. TWD especially is less than captivating viewing.  ‘Crap’ I called it. A Mad Men-less AMC schedule certainly devalues the overall quality of the network.

However, if creator Matthew Wiener does agree to the gradual assassination of our beloved friends I have a solution for him: Lung cancer.

Who will be the first to die?

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Misanthropic Ficus

Update: A deal has now been reached for the next 2 seasons, with the likelihood of a 3rd. The 5th season will premiere in March 2012. The episodes will be slightly shorter and feature more product placement.

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I had heard of these but I always thought they were more of a myth…like Communism or Jesus.

They’re webisodes featuring animated flashbacks into Dexter’s past.

From what I’ve seen so far they seem quite intriguing. They might at least help fill the void of a Dexter-free TV schedule for a while.



…paintball war that is.

Although it was their best episode to date, I’m really surprised to read that the Community series finale will take place during another school-wide paintball war.

For a show that prides itself on never using the same premise more than once, it seems rather contradictory to replicate an episode.

Source: TV Line

Eh…I’ll watch because Dr Carter is one of my top 5 characters of all time.


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Part Battlestar-Gallactica. Part Lost. Partly compelling.

It’s 2040.

Humans flee Earth following an apocalyptic war. They reach ‘Carpathia’ (new caprica), a planet named after the ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic. For Earth hit a metaphorical iceberg, see? And was rescued by a metaphorical ship, see?

They wanted to create a place where humans can co-exist and live in peace. They end up building a shitty little fort, too scared to leave for fear of their lungs being exposed to some fresh air…or worse.

Spoilers Ahead….


Far from being a utopia, a virus swept Carpathia killing the children. The President of the ‘colony’ decided the clones had to go. Oh yeah there is clones. They’re pretty pissed off. The military were meant to kill the clones, but let them go. They’re not a big fan of ‘El Presidente’.

Although many ships left earth, few made it to Carpathia. A rescue-pod from one such ship reaches Carpathia. On it…Gaius Baltar. Well, a Baltar-like figure; scientist, prophet, philanderer, all-round jerk. He appears more deliberate and intentionally malicious than Gaius.

So, it seems Gaius 2.0 and the clones might have some business together. It could get nasty.

After watching two episodes of Outcasts I am assuredly slightly-engaged. Yes, it may seem highly derivative of recent popular sci-fi shows, but it’s (just) unique enough to make it interesting. The main story, surprisingly, progresses at a rapid rate. Classic themes of friendship, power and survival interweave a morally complex universe. The characters are solid enough without a break-out.

It’s quite an ambitious story, one worth sticking with until it sticks you…in the back…with a shiv.


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Rating: 3 leaves

Ficus Suggests: Maker-Met

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Not strictly a televisual related post, but somewhat pertinent nonetheless. Blog contributor  ‘Omniscient Sponge’ has his own infrequently updated blog in which he details his latest exploits. Good times are to be had over at Maker: Met.


Become a writer for E4’s Skins!

Leaving aside that I don’t know what requiem actually means, the title does sound rather apt doesn’t it? I have just concluded episode 11 of the fourth season of my guilty pleasure. So far, this season has lacked any real interest. Unlike previous seasons, the love triangles and melodrama seams stale and lacking in any zazzaz. However, it appears that the writers have finally realised what seemed obvious from the start. Blair and Dan have a great dynamism and chemistry between them. These two polar-opposites create great banter and witty dialogue, not to mention a very interesting story should their involvement become romantic. I don’t necessarily advise the writers take this path…but if they do it would be very fun.

Until next time

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