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Admittedly, a rather late recap given that the proceeding episode has already aired. But such is my feeling of malaise induced by the non-dairing writers of GG. It appears, ‘Dair Watch’ has lost it’s raison detre .

Does ‘Dair’ still exist? It would appear not, owing to Blair’s admission that the kiss was a mere reminder of her love for Chuck. On the other hand, it aroused in Dan feelings he would rather not canvass to the wider public. Yet, it takes two to tango right?

Did Dair ever exist? Or was it just a concept we engineered in our collective minds, desperate for Gossip Girl to avoid the failings of similar soap-dramas which become stale with the constant on-off romantic duos?

I believe there was certainly something. I never believed it was permanent, but it was a fun ride. It reinvigorated not only the story, but the characters and also resulted in some fine scenes between Meester and Badgley.

The impact on Blair is probably the most profound, at least in the short term. Dan seemed to help her uncover who she really was, beyond the shrill and skilled Machiavellian manipulator of the social scene.

But alas, the status quo is slowly returning, as the Chair freaks whip themslves into a lather over a truly despicable romantic concept, built on the worst aspects of human nature.

An Artist's impression of The Blair-Chuck Relationship

I guess this is what Alexis De Tocqueville meant by the ‘Tyranny of the Majority’. This, or something far more relevant.

Keep watching your screens

Misanthropic Ficus

PS. It was this.


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Posted: March 6, 2011 in Dan-Blair Watch
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Damn you hiatus!

Damn you CW!

Anyway, I have created the first and only facebook page dedicated to honouring our favourite GG couple:

FB Group: Dair- Our Favourite Inter-borough Couple

…So I have succumbed to pop-cultural pressure and reverted to the ‘Dair’ moniker to describe our favourite inter-borough couple. Blan is dead. It really did kind of suck anyway.

Wow. What to make of tonight’s episode? It was perhaps the biggest cliffhanger known to man-kind, as the instant Dan and Blair kissed and morphed into Dair, Gossip Girl whispered xoxo and that was that.

I enjoyed the episode. I liked the fact it demonstrated how good Dan is for Blair. She is no longer the shrill, hyper-active, vindictive classist cut-throat bitch. Well, she is…but she has definitely mellowed. Moreover, it finally addressed the question of whether Dair even exists. Was it all in the Ficus’s mind? It’s a resolute NO!

Dair recognise they may indeed have feelings for each other that extend beyond a common appreciation of the arts. Sure, it’s a friendship which is built on shared interests and their mutual intellectualism. But it has grown into something on an emotional level partly inspired by their loneliness.

I guess we want know what the kiss will reveal until… April!!!! (NOOOO!)

I still have concerns that a relationship between the two can’t endure. I sure hope it does. The specter of Blair and Chuck (Buck?…Chair?) still hangs over Dair like the ‘Dark Mark’.  But Chuck and Serena are caught up in their own melodrama and I hope this continues.

Dair is the centre of Gossip Girl romance. Dair is the centre of Gossip Girl fandom.

Viva la Dair!

Until next time

XOXO Ficus