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Sorry to paraphrase Terrell Owens, but April excites me…really excites me. No, not April from Parks and Recreation, but even her, the epitomy of the apathy of today’s human would be slightly enthused by this upcoming slate of shows.

It all starts on the 1st of April when Camelot premieres on Starz. Now, don’t let the fact that it’s ‘Starz’ discourage you. I mean, I ‘m discouraged but that’s only because it seems every show they produce is underwhelming. Party Down anyone? Crash? Never watched it. I didn’t need to as its mediocrity preceded itself. This show, however, promises to be the best historical-fantasy-drama to ever hit the small screen.  It surrounds the Death of King Uther (?), the accession of King Arthur, Merlin and some other crazy shit. Think the Tudors. On acid. With food poisoning. Rubbed with True Blood. I hope. Check out the trailer below:

Two days later we get a double shot of capa-frappa-awesomeness starting with ‘The Borgias’ on Showtime. This is being billed, mainly by me, as the natural successor to the Tudors. Whereas Camelot is anything but natural.  The Borgias is historical fiction (aka real names, completely made up story) based (pseudo-history) on the Spanish Borgia Dynasty. Jeremy Irons stars as Rodrigo Borgia, who I’m guessing is the ‘big ‘formaggio’. I can imagine it now. “I have something to tell you…I KILLED MUFASA!”. We all cried though, right?

The crowning joy of the 3rd is The Killing on AMC, the American adaptation of the critically acclaimed Danish crime serial The Killing…well they didn’t call it that but I don’t speak Dansk. ..Jeg er meget ked af.

The basic premise centres around the murder of a girl and the consequent police hunt for the killer. It doesn’t sound like ground-breaking television but there is something very sinister simmering below the surface on this show…(I hope). AMC has a proven track record of excellence with Breaking bad and Mad Men. Rubicon and the Walking Dead put some pot holes on that track. Well, Rubicon merely left a skid mark. The Walking Dead put 1 million zombie horses on that track…like the horses from The Lord of the Rings with the bloody hooves carrying the wraiths.

On April 17th we see the premiere of HBO’s medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones. This show is based on George R. R. Martin’s best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire. It is meant to be very close to the source material…so it sucks for any readers of the books. It’s essentially about powerful families battling for power of the throne of ‘Westeros’. Makes sense with the title and all.

Capping off the month that will now be known as ‘The Month Fit for a Ficus’, the second season of Treme begins on HBO on the 24th. For those unacquainted, treme is set in post-Katrina New Orleans and follows the city and its denizens as they attempt to reconstruct their city and their lives. All while eating shrimp po’ boy thrice daily. Mmmmm…shrimp po’ boy.

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Here’s my personal list of shows I am anxiously waiting the arrival or return of…or those which the dates are known.

The list will be updated when information comes to hand.


April 3

The Borgias

The Killing


April 6

Breaking In


April 17

Game of Thrones


April 24



June 1

Men of a Certain Age


June 19

Falling Skies


June 26

True Blood


July 10

Curb Your Enthusiasm


July 24